Core Message Analysis
What You Receive: A Complete Communications Strategy and Package Including All the Key Marketing Copy You Need for Your Business

The basic Core Message Report provides all the strategic resources listed below — resources you can immediately put to use in your company’s marketing program.

Included with the analysis is a full explanation of each selling point and its significance; the core advertising copy based on your selling points; and recommendations on how to put the material to use, including improvements to your existing literature.


Deliverables: What You Receive in the Core Message Report

In addition to a complete analysis of the value your business offers, you receive a complete communications strategy and all the key advertising copy you need to market your business in the most effective way.

The Core Message Report includes all the following items:

Core Value Proposition — An explanation of the core value you provide to your customers and the advertising copy needed to express it. This core message should form the central foundation of your marketing efforts.

Key Selling Points and Associated Copy — The primary selling points support the core message. These messages and talking points should form the secondary foundation of your marketing program.

Positioning Statement and Strategy — An expression of your unique position and advantages in the marketplace in relation to competitors, and how to capitalize on this position for the best economic return. Includes advertising copy to communicate your positioning.

Strategic Selling Sequence — Once identified, your selling points offer a natural logic as to why others should do business with you. The Strategic Selling Sequence clearly presents the case for your offering and provides a powerful foundation for your actual sales approach.

Core Advertising Copy — Developed from your core selling points, the provided advertising copy forms the basis for your marketing communications.

General Recommendations — The Core Message Analysis comes with general recommendations on positioning, strategy, and how to use your core message materials in practice.

The Core Message Report explains how to put your core message to work, including suggested improvements to your existing literature and website copy.